Welcome to the Dshaggin Waggin Services!

Remember our service is an elite concierge service where we come to your home and provide the service at your doorstep.  We are fully self-contained and do not require plug-in or water.  We are in a state of the art brand new vehicle with proper ventilation (we do not have to leave the door open to risk an animal escaping onto a busy street) and air conditioning.  Our vehicle can fit comfortably into driveways on streets without being an obstruction to the homeowners or traffic.

DSHAGGIN Our little Scooby-Doos or LARGE Scooby-Doos

Our service for these little and large Scooby Doos include a sudser shampoo with the best shampoo!  This includes hair-cut of your choice or deshed and brushout (Remember shaving down a dog is not always the best option)  Of course a complete nail trim and grind.  As a bonus to your groom, we do a quick plaque rinse on the teeth and top it off with a unique collar accessory.

Small $75+   Medium $95+     Large $105+     XLarge $150+

  • Remember:  these are just price estimates and include the convenience fee.
  • We work at 85.00/per hour on all different requested services.
  • Receive a discount if you book monthly
  • Please advise us at the beginning of the groom if you want fragrance free shampoo!

***We do have a weight restriction no dogs over 120.00 lbs.***


Awesome as always!

Our two cocker spaniel rescues from Mexico look terrific now…thank you for following thru with what we wanted in a non-traditional cocker grooming cut for them. Corrine, youve always had a special raport with the pups you groom, and this was no different. The individual attention with the new Deshaggin wagon was stellar. Happy puppies Happy Owners!



We invite you to contact us at funknfur@gmail.com if you have any further questions in regards to your pets future experience in the Dshaggin Waggin.