“Dedicated to Teddy 1984-2002”

This business has developed into a unique Dog Grooming Spa after many years of hard lessons, learning curves and synchronicities.  The Funknfur brand began in 2008 and has moved from various locations to finding itself in View Royal since 2011.  This was the best move for Funknfur and it has seen tremendous growth.  With the growth we have made some amazing friends both furry and human.  Funknfur now provides a one of a kind salon service emphasizing a unique cageless environment.   We keep the energy calm in the salon to provide an excellent experience for both the pet and owner.  By using an online booking system and grooming software its keeps staff with the animals providing exemplary customer service.    We also provide all-inclusive grooming packages and a la carte services for your pet and a  boutique providing unique grooming equipment and accessories.

The next Chapter is beginning on June 1, 2017.  The Funknfur brick and mortar location closes and moves its business into the mobile “Dshaggin Waggin” by Funknfur.  The reasons for our change is to give better service and quality.  The mobile adds less stress for the pet, owner and the groomer which equals a win win for everyone.  We hope to see our clients in the Dshaggin Waggin and experience the new direction of our business.

CORRINE BOWCOTT (Founder/Stylist)

Courage, strength and passion describe the owner Corrine Bowcott who has had many adversities to overcome from a being a survivor of cancer, to raising all her three children on her own for the last 13 years.  With the determination and perseverance Corrine knew that this business model was going to be a success and she needed to provide for her family.   The growth of the business is accredited to the fact she has accepted and grown from her mistakes to continue growing the business.  Corrine has the passion, talent and knowledge to survive in this competitive industry.   Her credits to education are:  Animal Health Technician, Business, and Pet grooming (Ministry of Labour Certified).   Corrine is currently certified as a Master Reiki Practitioner and Certified Animal Aromatherapist. Corrine also is a volunteer counsellor for the Esquimalt Neighborhood House.   Corrine welcomes everyone to experience the Dshaggin Waggin with her great skillset and passion.

LEVI PATTERSON (Shaggy the Assistant Dshagger)

We are proud to have Levi join the team in the Dshaggin Waggin.    You will be greeted with an authentique smile and hello everytime.  He brings a great energy that clients and their pets have grown to love.  He has been working in the salon for over three months and shows exemplary ability to bath, deshed and comfort the pets.  Being my son I am very fortunate to have him carry the passion genetically to be a great pet service provider.   Levi is planning to finish his Secondary Education and go to Regina to take the grooming course at Apex Academy.


BRUCE SAUNDERS (Maintenance Engineer for the Waggin)

Of course, we can’t forget Bruce!  The person that has helped make the dream of the Dshaggin Waggin come to be.  We credit him for many things and is a behind the scenes miracle.  He helps with maintenance of the Waggin.  He is the big support for the business and without all his help this business would not be what it is today.  “It takes a community to build a business”.   So next time you see Bruce in the Dshaggin Waggin give him a smile and nod to know he’s appreciated.